Mountain Dew: Baja-Blast Zero (Fan Review!)

Mountain Dew: Baja-Blast Zero (Fan Review!)

Ever since the Baja-Blast was introduced in the early 2000s, there has been a cult following behind it. Up until last year the only way to get Baja-Blast was by going to Taco Bell. This unfortunately meant having to leave with an upset stomach due to having too many Chalupa Supremes. Now, if you’re lucky your local grocery store may carry Baja-Blast in a 12-pack!

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Give Energy Mojito Grapefruit (Fan Review!)

I like alternative energy sources. Solar, geothermal, and tidal power are all things that the world could use more of in my opinion. So imagine my surprise when I found an energy drink that supports wind power.  Give Energy is its name and Mojito Grapefruit is the flavor.  How does Give Energy help alternative energy?  Well when I bought my can, ten cents was donated to “grass roots sustainable energy initiatives.”  I like that. I like that a lot.  So considering that this drink has a great cause I wonder if the ingredients are as awesome as the drinks cause. Three things populate the ingredients list: pure cane sugar, citric acid, and natural flavors.  I promise that’s it folks.  Pretty cool if you ask me, so I purchase my can and take it home.

The can is opened and a slight grapefruit scent greets my nose.  It certainly isn’t offensive and is somewhat inviting.  So I take a swig.  A great taste greats my mouth like a striking melody.  Yep it tastes great, great, and great again!  So I take another sip.  Wonderful grapefruit taste washes over my mouth once again like a deluge of yum.  Satisfaction is the name of this game and I’ve won.  In fact I win every time I take another sip.  The carbonation stays static and only adds to the overall wonderful nature of Give Energy Mojito Grapefruit flavor.  I finish the can and transition into a state of euphoria and happiness.  Yes folks I have a new friend, and it’s Give Energy.

Final Review:  Buy a six pack! Give Energy Mojito Grapefruit is well worth a shot, but some, drink it, you won’t be sorry!


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B63 (Fan Review!)

    I seldom receive the opportunity to review an energy drink from outside the United States. Off the top of my head, I can only recall Ubershot and Hype Energy Drink as the only foreign beverages I have had the pleasure of consuming. I am pleased to announce that they both did well, especially Ubershot, which is probably the 2nd or 3rd greatest energy shot I have tried. Now, the opportunity to review a foreign drink has presented itself yet again. This number comes from Switzerland, a beautiful country 4,000 miles from where I reside. Thankfully, the shipment was successful and I found it on my doorstep within a week or so.

    Inside the box that contained my samples of B63, as it’s called, were two six-packs of the beverage along with a stylish t-shirt, which I happen to be wearing right now. The packaging is, I must admit, relatively generic. It utilizes the well-known 8 ounce aluminum can with blue and red colors. This had me worried. I was starting to get some concern over what the flavor might be, and I really started to hope it wasn’t a Red Bull clone.

    Please don’t taste like Red Bull, please don’t taste like Red Bull, I thought as I heard the unmistakable click, pop of the aluminum cracking open. Desperately hoping for something unique and different, I took my first swig. Unfortunately, my hopes and desires fell way short. I instantaneously noticed the all too familiar flavor of the world’s most popular energy drink. Yes, it is palatable and it has a nice flavor, but it is still frustrating to think that they can’t formulate a unique flavor profile file. Actually, anything different from Red Bull would have been satisfactory.

     Inside each can of B63, you will find the traditional ingredients. A plethora of B Vitamins along with 80 milligrams of caffeine and 1,000 milligrams of taurine are what powers this Scandinavian drink. This is adequate enough to provide a decent amount of effectiveness from the overseas beverage.

    For all of you Swiss readers of The Soda Jerks, I’m quite sure that you have seen this energy drink. Unless I am greatly mistaken, this appears to be your version of Red Bull. If you’ve ever tried Red Bull, then you already know what it tastes like. I say try it if you like Red Bull, but don’t expect something different.

Verdict: Buy a Bottle


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Duff Energy Drink (Fan Review!)

Fans of animated TV should recognize the iconic drink simply named “Duff”.  Portrayed as an alcoholic beverage in its brightly colored native environment the real life version is an energy drink, or at least the version I have.  Apprehensive as to what Duff Energy Drink might be made of, and even more apprehensive of what it might taste like, I grabbed one of the cans in the cooler before me and began to read the label.  Ingredients common to the energy drink world populated the FDA mandated list and included things like HFCS, Taurine, Ginseng Root Extract, and a variety of other substances.  Considering the fact that I have encountered similar components in other energy drinks I decide to do a review and see what this Duff tastes like.

So with the all-to-familiar theme music stuck in my head I open the top and take a swig.  It tastes surprisingly decent.  Honestly I was expecting far worse.  The taste is very slight and most resembles lemon-lime.  So I take another swig.  The carbonation remains strong as does the taste.  The taste does grow a little stale the more I drink.  No after taste is left in my mouth which is a bonus.  The sent is almost nonexistent and mirrors the lemon-lime taste.  So I finish the can and feel a little more energy coursing through my veins than I did before.  Hey Barney let’s have another!

Final Review: Buy a Bottle!  Moe’s tavern has a seat just for you, so take time to enjoy a can of ice cold Duff.  Who knows you may like it!


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The Pop Shoppe Lime Ricky (Fan Review!)

A new soda found its way back to my refrigerator. Its name is The Pop Shoppe Lime Ricky.  Not knowing what Lime Ricky soda is I did what most anyone would do in my situation, perform a web search to find more information.  Apparently a Ricky is a type of mixed drink that contains lime juice and was invented many years ago. So apparently this novel concoction I have is the nonalcoholic soda version of the same thing.  With that being said I open my chilled bottle to see just what this drink tastes like.  A slight lime fragrance greets my nose and so I take a sip.  A mild lime flavor washes over my tongue like the tide on an island beach.  It tastes delicious.  So I take another sip.  The carbonation and flavor form a great combination and make for a satisfying experience.  I finish my bottle with ease and am left with no aftertaste.  Good deal to say the least.  As a side note The Pop Shop Lime Ricky Soda is made with pure cane sugar, which I’m sure contributes to the overall taste.  So if you need some lime soda in your life, this stuff is the way to go!

Final Review: Buy a six pack!  Awesome taste and good ingredients make for a solid buy in the Pop Shoppe’s Lime Ricky Soda.


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