Koma Unwind Sugar Free (Fan Review!)

Sugar free beverages are frequently a less than stellar version of their sugar laden equivalents.  With that in mind I received the sugar-free version of Koma Unwind to review.  Sweetened with Splenda, Koma Unwind contains Melatonin, Rose Hips, and Valerian Root to help one relax.  On the label the following statement is provided: “After a long day at work or a restless night of sleep, pop open a can of KOMA ‘Unwind’ and let its special blend of supplements CALM YOUR MIND, BODY, AND SOUL.” An inviting text to be sure so I take the blue and silver container home to do a review.

With a chilled can, I open the top and am greeted by a somewhat artificial grape odor.  The smell isn’t offensive and it reminds me of the grape soda I drank as a kid.  A large gulp is sent down the old drain pipe in dramatic fashion.  The first thing that jumps out at me is the artificial sweetener.  It doesn’t taste bad by any stretch, but it does leave room for improvement.  An aftertaste is left in my mouth, but this is to be expected with most energy drinks.  The after taste is metallic and lingers far longer than I would like.  Another gulp is sent home with similar results.  The carbonation stays strong and is not overpowering.  The more I drink the more I become acclimated to the sugar substitute, but it doesn’t grow on me at all. 

The can is now finished and I take time to reflect on my Koma Unwind Sugar Free experience.  Koma Unwind is far better than any of the other “relaxation” beverages that I have tried in terms of taste.  I think that I do feel somewhat more relaxed, a good thing for me.  Overall I would try another can if I came across one.

Final Review: Buy a Bottle! Hey folks don’t let the name scare you away; Koma Unwind Sugar Free is a decent relaxation beverage.


Koma Unwind Sugar Free (2)580.JPG