Virgil's Clementine (Fan Review!)

Clementine is the name of a variety of Virgil’s Soda I bought recently at a market stocked with a wide variety of gourmet sodas.  I was out of town and had wandered into an upscale all natural market catering to organic and all natural tastes.  The clear bottle containing brightly colored orange soda was quickly chilled back at my temporary abode.   To be honest there are a few flavors in the beverage world that I don’t find palatable.  Grape, apple, fruit punch, and orange round out the list.  So I was faced with a potential problem.  The Virgil's line of Soda far exceeds most I’ve drank in both quality and taste.  But this one is orange flavor, clementine to be exact, a type of flavor I have all but sworn off. There is only one way to find out if this stuff will be an exemption or yet another win for the Virgil’s line.

So I open the top and take a long swig.  A decent orange type taste greets my taste buds and is remarkably satisfying.  So I take another swig and am met with similar results.  The taste seems like it’s a mix of more than just orange so I scan the ingredients list to see exactly what this stuff is made from.  Water, juices from apple, pear, grape and clementine populate the juice end of the list.  It surprises me that so many flavors can be mixed together to form something so satisfying.  So I take a few more swigs and finish off the bottle.  I am happy with Virgil’s Clementine, now I can honestly say that I like at least one orange flavored soda!

Final review: Buy a six pack! Folks if you like oranges, juice, and soda you’ll love them combined in Virgil’s Clementine Soda.  This stuff is like stardust mixed with awesome... for your mouth.


Virgil's ClemintineFan580.jpg