The Pop Shoppe Lime Ricky (Fan Review!)

A new soda found its way back to my refrigerator. Its name is The Pop Shoppe Lime Ricky.  Not knowing what Lime Ricky soda is I did what most anyone would do in my situation, perform a web search to find more information.  Apparently a Ricky is a type of mixed drink that contains lime juice and was invented many years ago. So apparently this novel concoction I have is the nonalcoholic soda version of the same thing.  With that being said I open my chilled bottle to see just what this drink tastes like.  A slight lime fragrance greets my nose and so I take a sip.  A mild lime flavor washes over my tongue like the tide on an island beach.  It tastes delicious.  So I take another sip.  The carbonation and flavor form a great combination and make for a satisfying experience.  I finish my bottle with ease and am left with no aftertaste.  Good deal to say the least.  As a side note The Pop Shop Lime Ricky Soda is made with pure cane sugar, which I’m sure contributes to the overall taste.  So if you need some lime soda in your life, this stuff is the way to go!

Final Review: Buy a six pack!  Awesome taste and good ingredients make for a solid buy in the Pop Shoppe’s Lime Ricky Soda.


The Pop Shoppe Lime Ricky Soda Fan580.JPG