The Pop Shoppe Root Beer (Fan Review!)

Classic flavors abound in the soda world.  So with that being said I was somewhat skeptical when I came across a brand of Root Beer I haven’t tried yet.  The Pop Shoppe is the brand at hand and the red and white label looked inviting.  I looked over the necessary information to see if anything jumped out at me.  “Cane sugar” written in a unique font called to me from the front of the label and cemented the buy. So I dropped the necessary combination of dollars and cents on a polished counter and tucked my new found bottle away. 

Back at the humble space I call home the already chilled bottle was opened with an old school bottle opener.  Stock root beer scent wafted toward my nose holes and beckoned for me to take a large gulp, and gulp I did.  Tremendous root beer flavor graced my taste buds like fine wine.  Anther gulp ensued producing a fine symphony of amazing cane sugar sweetness combined with a taste uncommon to the root beer world.  Angelic harps of yumminess played in concert as this beverage was consumed.  The bottle was consumed leaving nothing but satisfaction and euphoria behind.  The Pop Shoppe has captured lightning in a bottle and produced a soda almost unparalleled in taste and quality.  Now all I need is another bottle of this amazing concoction!

Final review: Buy a pallet! If you are a fan of root beer, soda, or life then you will love The Pop Shoppe Root Beer.


The Pop Shoppe Root BeerCW580.jpg