IZZE Sparkling Clementine (Fan Review!)

Sometimes I find a beverage on the supermarket shelf that appears different from any of the other drinks I have encountered.  Izze Sparkling Clementine is just that beverage.  A small 8 oz. can colored in bright orange informed me that it's contents are made from pure apple, white grape, orange, Clementine and acerola juice.  Quite a list to be sure, and after reading whats inside I decide to purchase a can for myself.  On the way to the register I read that this particular Izze product is made from 70% fruit juice and that the company producing Izze partners with a thing called the "Global Education Fund" which apparently helps to provide education for needy children around the globe.  So far all the signs seem to point to the fact that I've made a decent choice, so I proceed home and deposit the slim can in the ice box to chill.

A cold can is now in hand and the top opened.  A slight smell greets my nostrils, a smell which has slight orange overtones.  So a sip is taken.  A pronounced orange taste washes through my mouth like a deluge.  The taste is decent, slightly tart and mixed with carbonation I look forward to the next tilt.  So another gulp is sent home with similar results.  The taste and carbonation remain constant.  Impressed with what I've had so far I drink the remaining contents enjoying every sip along the way.  My can of the Izzie Sparkling Clementine is now empty and I think I have found something I actually want to try again.

Final Review:  Buy a six pack!  Izze Sparkling Clementine is a decent version of a carbonated juice beverage and is worth a shot is you come across a can.


IZZE Sparkling Clementine2 580.jpg