Who are The Soda Jerks?

Since 2008 The Soda Jerks have been bringing you soda reviews like no one else. It’s a small team, now comprised of one man and two plastic iguanas, but a passionate one. Sodas are rated on a number of factors, but primarily flavor. An all-natural soda that’s good will be ranked lower than a chemical filled soda that’s great. That’s just how the soda game goes here. So thanks for stopping by. Check out the rating scale and the folks behind it below.

Rating Scale

  1. Buy Stock - This is S Rank soda, nothing better. *Do not actually buy stock

  2. Buy a Pallet - You’ve found the soda to keep your fridge stocked with

  3. Buy a Pack - Go ahead and buy enough to share… or keep for yourself

  4. Buy a Bottle - Try it for yourself, you’ll probably like it

  5. Buyer Beware - This soda may have merit, just not to me

  6. Do Not Buy - Self Explanatory



Co-Creator and currently sole operator of The Soda Jerks. He’s personally had over 600 different sodas, been featured in a Swedish documentary on soda, been interviewed by the CBC about legal soda issues, and typed this description.



Co-Creator of The Soda Jerks. He’s a picker, he’s a grinner, a lover, and a sinner. He plays his music in the sun. He’s a joker, a smoker, and a mid-night toker. Shaker of peach trees and over all good guy.



Official mascot of The Soda Jerks. Some say he’s just an iguana, others say he’s a toy, to some he is a god. Only two facts are known of Twist. He loves soda. He’s immortal.


Tiny Twist

Twist is really big and doesn’t fit in a bag. Tiny Twist does. We aren’t sure if they are separate entities, or if Twist merely transfers his consciousness.

Still not convinced we’re the real deal? Maybe this random tweet from 2013 will help.

Legit Twitter.PNG