Give Energy Mojito Grapefruit (Fan Review!)

I like alternative energy sources. Solar, geothermal, and tidal power are all things that the world could use more of in my opinion. So imagine my surprise when I found an energy drink that supports wind power.  Give Energy is its name and Mojito Grapefruit is the flavor.  How does Give Energy help alternative energy?  Well when I bought my can, ten cents was donated to “grass roots sustainable energy initiatives.”  I like that. I like that a lot.  So considering that this drink has a great cause I wonder if the ingredients are as awesome as the drinks cause. Three things populate the ingredients list: pure cane sugar, citric acid, and natural flavors.  I promise that’s it folks.  Pretty cool if you ask me, so I purchase my can and take it home.

The can is opened and a slight grapefruit scent greets my nose.  It certainly isn’t offensive and is somewhat inviting.  So I take a swig.  A great taste greats my mouth like a striking melody.  Yep it tastes great, great, and great again!  So I take another sip.  Wonderful grapefruit taste washes over my mouth once again like a deluge of yum.  Satisfaction is the name of this game and I’ve won.  In fact I win every time I take another sip.  The carbonation stays static and only adds to the overall wonderful nature of Give Energy Mojito Grapefruit flavor.  I finish the can and transition into a state of euphoria and happiness.  Yes folks I have a new friend, and it’s Give Energy.

Final Review:  Buy a six pack! Give Energy Mojito Grapefruit is well worth a shot, but some, drink it, you won’t be sorry!


Give Energy Mojito Grapefruit580.jpg