Rockstar Energy Punched - Tropical Punch (Fan Review!)

The world of consumer beverages has several failed attempts at flavors aimed at mass appeal.  Orange, grape, and fruit punch are just a few examples.  So imagine the pathos engendered by an energy drink flavored like tropical punch.  Rock Star Punched Energy+Punch is the name of that drink, and I had a decision to make. Review what quite possibly could be the fluid version of a multiple fatality car accident, or die wondering what could have been?  Yeah I’ll review the stuff.  If I don’t, then who will?

The tall chilled can opened quickly.  No scent was disenable, which is a good thing in my book.  So I take a long gulp.   A decent tropical punch flavor washes over my mouth like a typhoon.  Taken aback by the unexpected another gulp is sent home.  Yes this flavor is actually decent.  So I take another few gulp to be sure.  Tropical punch flavor done well greets my taste buds time and again.  Presently surprised I notice other flavors have been added.  These flavors include Ginseng and Taurine and actually add to the overall taste.   I finish the can and am happy with my flavor selection, who knew a tropical punch flavor would actually be something I want to try again?

Final review:  Buy a bottle!  Hey if you can’t go on a tropical island getaway you can at least send your mouth by drinking Rockstar Energy+Punch Tropical Punch flavor.


Rockstar Punched580.JPG