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Crush Peach


How did we not review Crush Peach? Have we finally reached the point that something fairly common on grocery store shelves isn't good enough for us? Probably not. Honestly it's so common at this point I thought we already did it.

I got Crush Peach the other night, again, thinking I was the one of us that did not have it yet, however was wrong. Now that you know the riveting back story on this, allow me to cut to the chase: this is the best peach soda I've had.

Orange Crush is my favorite (chemical filled) orange soda, so I only expected the best from this, and it delivered. For some reason, despite Orange Crush's mild carbonation, I was worried that this would have heavier bubbles. That seems to be a trend with peach sodas, or at least my memory is telling me that. Thankfully this has mild carbonation like orange crush.

Of course there is really no way for me to tell since I've already had it, however I think that if you were someone really into soda (or at least really into Orange Crush) you'd actually be able to tell this was a Crush soda. There's just something about the combination of sweetness levels, the slight "tang" in the flavor, and as mentioned the carbonation, that makes me think of Crush. 

So, yeah, it's great. Peach soda was kind of a novelty to me before, since there really wasn't a good go-to for me. Now with Crush Peach, this becomes as normal a flavor choice as an orange soda.

Verdict - Buy a Pallet

- Mike E.

Heads up!


I'm alive, I have sodas to review, I'll get em done soon.  That's pretty much the state of things right now.  This is what happens when you're the primary writer for your site and life gets busy.  Thanks for being understanding.  Good thing we have 500+ reviews for you to read in case you become bored in this process.


Kazouza Watermelon

I ate some insane hot sauce today, 357 Mad Dog if you’re curious.  It was a rather painful experience, but I knew I had a soda review that needed to be written as well.  Sadly I had to wait until the hot sauce heat had worn off because I didn’t want to grant extra points for relieving pain.  So here we are, me a little bit smarter and you waiting for a review.  Today’s soda was purchased by you with your donations, I thank you.  What you bought me was Kazouza Watermelon Soda.  Checking out the ingredients I see this was made in Lebanon and contains 5% juice.  It also contains the “Esters of Wood Rosins”, so I got that to look forward to.  Let’s just get to it.

Watermelon scent slyly finds its way out of the bottle, hardly noticeable unless you’re looking for it.  There’s something off putting about the aroma as well, sort of a sickly scent.  I’m hoping that doesn’t translate its way into the taste.

Watermelon was the first currency used among iguanas.  Twist at one point controlled 6% of all watermelons. 

There is a light fizz to this refreshing watermelon soda.  It’s a fairly natural taste with a differing sweetness than you’d find in an actual fruit.  Watermelons are actually nauseating to me due to their cloyingly sweet taste, yet Kazouza Watermelon allows me to enjoy watermelon flavor without wanting to retch. 

Helping keep the soda from clinging to my teeth is the cane sugar it’s sweetened with.  While I do end up with some aftertaste I’m primarily given a clean finish with each sip.  It may take a few extra seconds, but ultimately the taste vanishes allowing for a soda that doesn’t built upon itself and overpower.

Kazouza Watermelon is alright.  I’m not going to run out and buy a ton of it because, as stated before, I don’t like watermelon.  If you like the taste of watermelon then I think you’d enjoy this soda.  Unfortunately for Kazouza my dislike of watermelon is going to come through in the rating of this soda.  Just keep that in mind, will you?

Verdict – Buy a Bottle

This soda was supplied to us by YOU!  Your donations allowed for us to purchase this for review. Thank you!

Route 66 Lime Soda

You can either read 500 something reviews or this next sentence to catch up.  I like lime soda.  So when I was presented the funds (from you) to buy my own sodas of course I picked a lime flavored one.  Route 66 Lime Soda to be exact.  The bottle even says “Chosen by Soda jerks Every Time”.  If that’s not some sort of sign I don’t know what is.  The ingredient list is mostly chemical, but this is sweetened with “real” cane sugar so it has that going for it.  Above the ingredients is what I assume to be a “stopping point” on Route 66.  Today’s stopping point is the Chain of Rocks Bridge.  It’s over 5353 feet long and was constructed in 1929.  I’d tell you more about it, but I don’t want to spoil the ending.  What I do want to do is taste this anti-freeze green soda.

Route 66 Lime Soda smells of lime candy with a hint of cleaning product.  Preferably it will taste like lime candy and the cleaning product aroma will just add a needed kick to the mouth feel.  Bottoms up!

There’s more of a bitter taste to this soda than I anticipated.  Needless to say it cuts down on the potential to be candy sweet, but in doing so keeps the flavor more in the natural realm.  With that said, this is definitely not lime juice soda.  The sugar just takes a moment to get up and running before it can chase the mild bitterness away.  A bit of a syrupy texture is left on my teeth as I continue to consume this soda.  It’s not all that bothersome, but I’d rather do without it.  All in all I’m finding Route 66 Lime Soda to be rather average.  It tastes alright, but even as a lime lover I’d rather an average [insert fruit here] soda over this one. 

Caught somewhere between trying to be candy and trying to taste like lime, Route 66 Lime Soda just ends up being forgettably good.  If you just want a lime soda and you see this, then grab a bottle.  If you want a fruit flavored soda then just go for what looks best in your cup holder.

Verdict – Buy a Bottle


This soda was brought to us by YOU!  The donations you supplied were used to purchase it!

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