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Howdy Cherry Jubilee

I really wish there were more flavors of Howdy soda.  It’s such a friendly word that means so very much to me.  Well today’s version of Howdy sounds even friendlier because it’s flavor is Cherry Jubilee.  How positive of a name is that?!  Howdy Cherry Jubilee.  Can you say that and be angry?  The answer is no, no you can’t.

I really need a travel Twist.  Any ideas?

Howdy Cherry Jubilee is a bright red soda with a mauve and pink label.  The colors used here dance well together and are really enticing to the eye.  As well as being attractive Howdy Cherry Jubilee is sweetened with cane sugar and includes a small handful of natural and artificial ingredients to make up the rest.

Wow, that smells like cherries grenadine.  Quite the powerful scent at that, it invites quick consumption with its aroma.  Who am I to turn down such a polite invitation?

Wow, it tastes like liquid maraschino cherries.  At least with the first few sips the mouthfeel is relatively clean and doesn’t have a syrupy taste at all.  Howdy Cherry Jubilee is a very sweet soda, but does a great job at walking on the correct side of the “too sweet” line.  The carbonation gives a nice quick burn with each sip adding another layer of enjoyment.

About halfway down the bottle I’m still enjoying it and all of the initial experiences are holding true.  Sometimes you want a soda’s drinking experience to alter a little so it doesn’t build on itself.  In the case of Howdy Cherry Jubilee the flavor doesn’t stack so the consistency is wanted.

As I do in many of my reviews I’m going to go ahead and suggest you drink this one for dessert.  This is a fantastic soda and one I would recommend to most anyone out there.  Perhaps the best cherry soda I’ve had to date... at the very least it’s a top three.  The cherry flavor is candied as stated before, but if you’re not looking for a genuine cherry taste you should have no issue.  

Even if you don’t find any of my writings to be convincing, how can you resist buying a bottle of something named Howdy Cherry Jubilee?

Verdict -  Buy a Pallet


I bought this at an HEB grocery store

Boots Beverages The Ultimate Caramel Cola

I’ve done my fair share of Boots reviews and today’s may be the best named.  The Ultimate Caramel Cola is what they’ve called it and that’s quite the title to give any soda.  They’ve basically proclaimed that this is the penultimate caramel cola and I’m here to judge the accuracy of their claim.

As with all Boots Beverages this one is sweetened with cane sugar and includes a couple of chemicals to spice things up.  It also has another story about the “Boots” family on the side which I will convey to you now.

So professional looking

“Boots” Kristen

“Boots” continued his father’s pursuit of the american dream in pioneering Texas.  A country boy rich in colorful, childhood memories, “Boots” sold his top quality beverages with a genuine smile and a meaningful hand shake.  He steered the family soda bottling business into what is now Kristen Distributing Company, never while losing sight of who he was, where he’d come from and the seemingly little things in life.  Everyone loved Boots - and his host of beverages!  We honor him by revisiting those days gone by.

So there you have it.  Our ceremonial trip down memory lane.  Now it’s time for our ceremonial review.

There’s less of a caramel scent than I thought there would be.  What my nose can identify seems quite nice though.  Perhaps the bottle is keeping the taste a secret so that I might be surprised when I try it.

Taste wise it works pretty well, but it’s definitely favors the caramel more than it does the cola.  This causes the flavor to be sweeter and mutes any “bite” the soda would have without the added caramel.  

Brownie Caramel Cream is probably my favorite soda in this genre due to its rich taste and mouthfeel.  Boots stacks up reasonably well, but overall is the lesser of the two sodas.  This is due to a slight chemical taste that I’ve been experiencing during the front and back end of each swig.  It’s not something that I would warn anyone about, that is if I wasn’t reviewing it, but it’s a weak point for the soda.  This coupled with the lack of cola taste keep “The Ultimate Caramel Cola” from being something really special.  

I like the Boots company.  They’re a Texas soda making company and that’s a special thing to me.  Sadly a lot of their sodas are just lacking one or two things to really stand out from the crowd.  This most recent entry is no different.

Verdict - Buy a Bottle


I purchased this at an HEB grocery store