Duff Energy Drink (Fan Review!)

Fans of animated TV should recognize the iconic drink simply named “Duff”.  Portrayed as an alcoholic beverage in its brightly colored native environment the real life version is an energy drink, or at least the version I have.  Apprehensive as to what Duff Energy Drink might be made of, and even more apprehensive of what it might taste like, I grabbed one of the cans in the cooler before me and began to read the label.  Ingredients common to the energy drink world populated the FDA mandated list and included things like HFCS, Taurine, Ginseng Root Extract, and a variety of other substances.  Considering the fact that I have encountered similar components in other energy drinks I decide to do a review and see what this Duff tastes like.

So with the all-to-familiar theme music stuck in my head I open the top and take a swig.  It tastes surprisingly decent.  Honestly I was expecting far worse.  The taste is very slight and most resembles lemon-lime.  So I take another swig.  The carbonation remains strong as does the taste.  The taste does grow a little stale the more I drink.  No after taste is left in my mouth which is a bonus.  The sent is almost nonexistent and mirrors the lemon-lime taste.  So I finish the can and feel a little more energy coursing through my veins than I did before.  Hey Barney let’s have another!

Final Review: Buy a Bottle!  Moe’s tavern has a seat just for you, so take time to enjoy a can of ice cold Duff.  Who knows you may like it!


Duff Energy Drink580.JPG