Give Energy Pear Apple Cherry (Fan Review!)

While pursuing my adventurous ends I stumbled across an energy drink as yet, by me, untested.  What to do? Its name is Give Energy Pear Apple Cherry, and my distaste for combination flavors is boundless.  The label informs me that part of the purchase price will be donated to sustainable energy initiatives, great news for those who care.  I decide that I’ll buy the can and do a review and give a little of my time and money. Sometimes taking a chance pays off.

Back at my not so sustainably powered abode I pour over the can’s label to see what information I can glean.  Give Energy is made from pure cane sugar and other all natural ingredients, certainly a plus.  I am also told that Give Energy helps mental focus.  Great news for those who perhaps need that type of boost, I however do not. So I open the top.  A rather pleasant cherry smell greets my nose, so I take a gulp.  Delicious cherry and apple flavor serenade my taste buds like an orchestra. More gulps are taken and I soon find myself fiendishly quaffing the cans contents at a feverish pace.  The goodness overflows from my new aluminum friend like a bottomless Pez dispenser.  The bottom of the can is reached with a combination of disappointment and content.  Disappointment that I don’t have any more of this wonder juice, and contentment with the amazing experience I have found in a can.  The taste was seriously awesome and combined pear apple and cherry in such a way as to make each of the glorious sips different form each other yet remarkably alike.  I now feel confident that I made a wise decision by purchasing Give Energy and would suggest anyone do the same.

Final review:  Buy a six pack!  Give Give Energy a shot already!


Give Energy Pear Apple Cherry580.JPG