Starbucks Refresher Raspberry Pomegranate (Fan Review!)

Starbucks is a name synonymous with high octane coffee.  Their outlets seem to scatter the landscape like buckshot.  Rarely stepping foot into any of their stores my knowledge of their product line is scant at best.  So imagine my surprise when I stumbled upon a product emblazoned with the Starbucks logo at my local petrol center.  Starbucks Refreshers Raspberry Pomegranate Flavor is the beverage at hand and it looked promising from its shelf.  I took the slim can from its glass encased perch and studied the label to see what the aluminum cased fluid is all about.  First the can tells me that this stuff is a “sparkling green coffee energy beverage.”  What is green coffee exactly?  I don’t know, but that is a good reason to buy the can and do a review.  So I make the purchase, trading green paper for the green version of something that typical resembles tar.

At home with my chilled can I resume studying the label and am greeted with the fact that this stuff is made with real fruit juice, promising indeed my friends, promising indeed.  It’s also made with the extract of green coffee beans, whatever that means.  So I open the can.  A strange scent greets my nostrils.  So I take a gulp.  A sickly sweet blend of raspberry and pomegranate lingers in my mouth like paste.  I don’t like that aftertaste one bit.  So I take another sip.  The taste grows on me somewhat, but the aftertaste traumatizes my mouth yet again.  So I set the can down disappointed that I wasn’t able to finish what appears to be a healthy alternative to the usual energy drink fare. 

Final review:  Buyer Beware!  This stuff tastes okay, but the aftertaste kills it.


Starbucks Refreshers Raspberry Pomegranate580.JPG