Super Rooster Booster Lite (Fan Review!)

What happens when I go to a gas station late at night in a different city while tired? I purchase a can of Super Rooster Booster Lite that’s what. With that being said I decided to take the plunge and drink something that would typically have me running the other direction fast.  Why would I stay away? Simple, the oversized can has a picture of a muscled-up rooster flexing his biceps.  But I’m a sucker for new beverages to review.  So I fork over the required paper for a can of what could something I might want to forget. The ingredients of Super Rooster Booster Lite include such things as Ginseng, Ginko Baloba, and L-Carnatine.  I guess those are good things, so I take a walk on a moon lit night and crack the top. Still debating if I should drink this clearly earth shattering new concoction I decide to sit on a bus stop bench.  This seems to be an appropriate choice in case I have some type of adverse health reaction caused by my new aluminum friend.  A quick reading of the bus schedule informs me that the bus service will resume three hours in the future.  Oh well, at least the bench is comfortable.  Also my can is hidden by a plain brown bag that will help me avoid any embarrassment from wandering eyes.

The can is opened and a cherry type smell greets my nose.  So I take a gulp.  A cherry flavor greets my taste buds.  It isn’t bad at all so I take another gulp.  The carbonation stays static and the cherry flavor remains constant.  The more I drink the more I notice that the flavor is overly sweet, but that is to be expected.  So I finish the can with more energy than I had before and am somewhat satisfied with my foray into the world of bizarre poultry.  Would I buy another can? Sure, no calories and a decent taste make this stuff at least worth a shot. Good thing is now there is about two and a half hours until the bus arrives, wait I spent the only cash I had on Rooster Booster!

Final review: Buy a Bottle! Super Rooster Booster Light is surprisingly good and worth trying once.


Super Rooster Booster Lite580.JPG