Team Realtree Outdoor Energy Blaze Orange (Fan Review!)

Fans of Outdoor Shows will recognize Team Realtree Outdoor’s logo on the bright orange can that I found perched on the grocery store shelf.  Blaze Orange is the name of the flavor and the camouflaged can is bright enough to be seen at night.  But if I didn’t review the drink, then who would? So I made the purchase and carted my new beverage back to my deer blind hoping I’ve found a prize buck.

Back at my abode I notice two things. First the can is made with thick plastic, a seemingly good choice for someone who might drop it from their perch in a tree or other high place.  Of course the thought does cross my mind that perhaps the heavy durable plastic may also be resistant to buck shot, but since I live in a heavily populated area I won’t be testing that hypothesis.  The second thing I notice is that the top is difficult to remove.  I should say it’s difficult for me to remove, but perhaps for an outdoorsman who is used to working with his hands this would be a cinch. After a few muscle exhausting moments I finally remove the top.  No discernible scent is present.  That is a good thing.  So I take a gulp.  A mild lemon-lime flavor washes through my mouth like a tornado though a trailer park.  It actually tastes good.  I eagerly take another sip hoping for the best.  The same results are produced.  The carbonation remains strong and I can’t help but admit that I am pleasantly surprised.  Team Realtree Outdoor Energy Blaze Orange has a decent flavor and doesn’t leave an after taste, not too bad if you ask me!  So I finish the bottle happy that the over-the-top orange label caught my eye.

Final Review: Buy a bottle!  If you need some pep in your hunting step, grab a can of Team Realtree Outdoor Energy Blaze Orange, it’s buckshot of decent taste at a decent price.


Team Realtree Outdoor Orange Blaze580.jpg