Bob Marley Mellow Mood Berry Flavor (Fan Review!)

Bob Marley. The name invokes a smorgasbord of thoughts.  Amazing music, deep philosophical ideas and so much more, he was truly an icon.  His contribution to American culture cannot be understated.  So imagine my surprise when I stumbled across a new drink emblazoned with the striking musician’s likeness. Appropriately named Bob Marley’s Mellow Mood this drink is classified as a relaxation beverage.  Berry flavor is the variety I have in hand and I scan the label to see what ingredients lay inside the aluminum can.  Pure cane sugar, natural flavors, and vegetable juice comprise the list.  Not bad in my opinion.  A warning informing me not to consume more than one can is located on the back of the can.  To be honest I’m not surprised by this admonition and decide that I will indeed review this unique brew.  So I make the purchase and cart my new found gem home to drink what I hope to be a memorable concoction.  As I walk out the door I see note informing me that this beverage reduces stress and relieves tension, things I’m sure Bob Marley would truly appreciate.

I open the can and a light berry scent greets my nose, so I take a swig.  A really awesome berry flavor washes across my mouth like a hurricane across South Florida.  Eager to continue my experience 

I take a few more gulps.  Great flavor and carbonation repeat as they did before.  I really can’t place just what berry I taste but I know that it tastes great.  Also as I drink I notice two websites advertised on the can.  The first is: and the second is  Both websites are dedicated to some excellent things and I suggest the reader visit both.  I finish the can and realize that I not only like Bob Marley’s music but I like the relaxation beverage named after him too!

A thank you is in order.  Freddie, whose picture is shown below, graciously allowed me to use his likeness to improve this review.  Thanks Freddie!

Final Review: Buy a six pack! Bob Marley’s Mellow Mood Berry Flavor is amazing, drink some!


Bob Marley Relaxiation Beverage Berry (1)580.JPG