Rooster Booster (Fan Review!)

Poultry on steroids just isn’t my thing, never has been.  That being said I noticed in the large glass case at a bustling gas station an energy drink named “Rooster Booster.”  On the front of the can a muscle bound rooster strikes a pose that would make the Situation proud.  What to do?  I don’t like gimmicks but I can’t resist such a sophisticated drink.  So I make the purchase, requesting a brown paper bag in a hushed voice.  Yeah If I’m going to drink some Rooster Booster, at least no one will know.

So back at my house with my bag of shame I open the cans top.  Okay no scent that is good.  So I take a gulp.  I think this stuff is supposed to be cherry flavor.  So I take another sip.  It indeed is supposed to cherry flavored, and it isn’t that bad.  But it isn’t that good either.  So I take a few more gulps.  The taste doesn’t really grow on me at all and it leaves a rather thick aftertaste.  So I take another few gulps and the taste doesn’t get any better.  So with about half the can consumed I halt the review knowing the creepy version of Foghorn Leghorn won’t be gracing my beverage menu ever again.

Final Review: Buyer Beware! While not horrible Rooster Booster seems lacking. 


Rooster Booster580.jpg