Saborsazo Manzana Fresca

Who here has never had an apple soda?  If your arm is up I applaud your dedication to this bit and suggest you try an apple soda this week.  Pepsi makes one called Manzanita Sol that should be fairly easy to get if you can’t find one from a Mexican bottling company.  Apple sodas are good and are rarely as sweet as your berry flavored carbonated beverages.  They’re usually smooth, refreshing, and hold a somewhat natural taste to apples.  What I have in front of me today is an apple soda, specifically one called Saborsazo Manzana Fresca. 

Spot the iguana!  Please pretend you can't see him.  He's rather sensitive. 

I purchased Saborsazo Manzana Fresca from HEB, it’s part of a collection of sodas they sell that have a Mexican flare to them.  Sweetened with sugar and flavors you primarily would find south of the border… like lime.  You may have seen my super quick video review of this on Facebook.  For those of you who can’t stand to stare into the eyes of a creature that handsome for over 3 minutes this review is for you.    

While there is absolutely no juice within the walls of this can, the chemistry in the soda does a solid job in replicating the aroma of apple juice.  The apple on the front of the can appears to be a Red Delicious apple.  This is likely going to be the flavor of the soda.  Of course it is, Aaron.  Why would you even type that sentence out.  No, you can’t delete it.  Keep your foolish mistake in the review for everyone to see.  That is your punishment. 

The first sip of Saborsazo Manzana Fresca is like biting into the juiciest, sweetest, carbonated-est apple you’ve ever had.  It is a little sweeter than I’m used to in an apple soda, though the flavor isn’t hurt by it at all.  I feel it does a good job in mimicking a red apple taste, but not to the point where if I didn’t know I’d think it was actual apple juice.  

Saborsazo Manzana Fresca is relatively refreshing and leaves a minimum amount of syrupy feel on the teeth.  Bubble wise the carbonation levels are somewhat strong, but work well with the flavor and overall feel of the soda.  There is a slight bubble burn at the end of each sip, but I like it.  It makes me feel… alive.  Ok, perhaps that’s a bit too much hyperbole, but I do appreciate the twist in the adventure at hand. 

All in all this is a solid apple soda.  While I do prefer a Granny Smith or green apple soda I’ll happily put more of these in my fridge.  They are relatively cheap and easy to find if you have an HEB near you of course.

Verdict - Buy a Pack


I purchased these sodas from HEB