Manzanita Sol - Refresco de Manzana!

I don't like apple candy, it's never been one of my favorite things. Sour apple to me is for those that can't handle their lemon, and lime candy. So when I was at Epcot several years ago and had a chance to taste apple soda I was skeptical. I was horribly, horribly, wrong for being skeptical as I loved it. I really enjoy apple soda, and was saddened that I could only have it at Epcot. You see, apple soda is more popular south of the border, in Mexico (not so much the US, or so I thought).

On my last drink excursion to HEB I found a 12 pack of Pepsi's version of Apple Soda (the one I had tried at Epcot was the Coca Cola version). The name of said Pepsico drink is Manzanita Sol. The "O" in "Sol" is made to look like a sun radiating heat onto the juicy apple below. I was so excited to have found apple soda that I purchased a 12 pack, and went on my merry way.

Manzanita tasted a lot like I remembered Lift (the name of the coke apple soda) did, but we're going off of 8 year old memories here. If you've never had an apple soda, it's kind of like a lighter carbonated apple juice with a little bit of a kick. While I don't enjoy apple flavored things, apple soda seems to work very well with my taste buds. Apparently Jarritos makes a pretty good apple soda as well, which I suppose I should eventually try.

This is a solid drink, so much that I've since purchased three 12 packs of it so far. By no means is it perfect, as I'm starting to tire of it. It also leaves a bit of an after taste, but nothing to horrible. If you've never tried apple soda, this is a good one to start with. It's inexpensive, and available in 12 pack form. The downside is that is doesn't actually have any apple juice in it, so there goes any health value it might have had. On the upside though is that it has no caffeine, for those who's health does not allow them to have it. Try it out, if you hate it, send it my way.

Verdict: Buy a Pack!