Saborsazo Limon

This review is a review of firsts for me.  I’ve never used my phone as a mobile hotspot until now and I’ve never typed a review in my car until now.  How will this affect the overall quality of the review?  Read on to find out.  Today we’re going to tackle a drink I already have an opinion on, Saborsazo Limon.  I bought this soda from HEB a while back, possibly last year, but after consuming it didn’t want to write about it… I just wanted more.  I’ve had probably twenty cans of the stuff since then, but with my new push to put out content for the site felt it was time to jump this the biggest of hurdles.

I don't trust that kitten.

I don't trust that kitten.

Saborsazo Limon is sweetened with cane sugar, but the rest of the ingredients are fairly typical.  It comes in a festive green can adorned with Spanish words and phrases that I cannot understand.  I recognize some of the words, but not enough to give a literal translation as to what they mean.  

The aroma that arises from the can upon opening is that of lime candy.  At no point does Saborsazo Limon try to persuade you into thinking it’s a natural tasting drink.  It’s fluff, and I’m perfectly ok with that.  

I love lime candy.  That should be the slogan of the website based on the number of times I’ve written that in a review.  Saborsazo Limon is liquid lime candy with bubbles.  The flavor is not discreet at all, punching you about the mouth and tongue upon your initial consumption.  Not overly refreshing, the mouth-feel is somewhat heavy and mildly sticky.  This is broken up by the fizz created on the back end of each sip.  These bubbles keep it light enough to be enjoyable and paired with the sugar sweetener reduce some of the thick feeling that could have occurred.  

This is a great soda for me.  It’s got a powerful taste that I happen to enjoy and is readily available in my neck of the woods, which is Texas for those playing at home.  If you happen to find yourself in an HEB swing by the soda aisle and pick some up.  If you like lime nonsense, you won’t be disappointed.

Verdict - Buy Stock in the Company