la Gloria Sicilian Lemon

I’m fortunate to be surrounded by kind people.  One of those said kind people, Blue Rumer as she’ll be referred to, went to Spain.  Blue Rumer went to Spain and brought me back a soda, a sparkling lemonade to be exact called la Gloria Sicilian Lemon.  Anytime I consume a beverage from another country it’s like a miniature vacation for my face.  Here is where I thank Blue Rumer for the tiny bottle of sparkling lemonade, the miniature face vacation, and get on with the review at hand.  

La Gloria Sicilian Lemon is sweetened with both stevia and sugar, so you’re getting the sweetness you want from the soda without the calories a full sugar soda would give.  The fact that the stevia is cut with sugar also reduces/removes any poor aftertaste you might associate with stevia sweetened beverages.  

Twist was trying to eat a bug.  Please excuse his manners.

Being such a small bottle I assumed the aroma would be a light one.  Upon opening, a phrase I overuse, I found that the scent that greeted me was quite pungent though not disturbingly so.

My first sip is a tart one with mild to no carbonation.  Granted this bottle has been on quite the journey so the carbonation levels are likely not truthful to it’s origin.  The lemon taste seems natural and based on the ingredient list, which I cannot read, the listing of citrico and citrato makes me think it is.  I’m assuming that of those two “citrico” means citric as in citric acid.  Citric acid would be a common ingredient in a soda such as this so maybe the taste is fully natural.  

After the lemon taste attacks my taste buds, the liquid feels a bit syrupy on the teeth.  This mildly unpleasant mouthfeel is then followed by a bit of a burn on the back of my throat.  Perhaps it’s the American in me, but this soda could do with a touch more sugar.  Sure it’s sweet, but the sour/sweet ratio is just off enough to make me want it adjusted slightly.  Overall though, it’s an enjoyable beverage.  

I’d like to write more about it, but the bottle was tiny and I’ve already consumed the beverage it once housed.  I know I addressed that international sodas are always a special time, but they make me a little sad too.  While I’m not rushing out to buy more la Gloria Sicilian Lemon that was likely the first and last bottle I’ll ever have.  Then again when you take a vacation you do eventually have to leave.  The fleeting aspect of this experience parallels that.

Verdict - Buy a Bottle


This soda was supplied to us by Blue Rumer