30P Energy Drink (Fan Review)



The 30p energy drink has recently gone down in price by 5 pence. Anyone who lives in the UnitedKingdom and visits this blog will know the infamous 35p energy drink as it frequents the shelves of every single corner shop in the UK. It is made by the company Booker retail, who also owns a lot of the franchise names, such as Londis and Premier, where these drinks are sold. At a time when, it seems, every solitary product, whether it is a loaf of bread, bottle of milk or can of coke, seems to be creeping up in price, but the faithful 30p energy drink not only stays the same, but has reduced in price.

The Taste

The flavour is, in effect, a slightly stronger Red Bull taste. It’s that slightly chemically,
tangy, orangey taste. Looking at the ingredients, it has a slightly higher caffeine content to Red Bull, at 35mg/l, which is on a level with competitors like Carabao.

The Can

The can will be familiar to everyone who lives in the United Kingdom, because not only is it in every local shop, but it is also in every bush, gutter and sidewalk that you see, right next to the McDonalds cups and cigarette boxes. The Marketing of the can is extremely simple, it has the price, the word energy drink and the Euro Shopper logo on it, leaving the consumer in no doubt as to what the can contains. On the back it has the usual list of ingredients, nutritional information and company contact details.

The Price

Technically speaking, this is a bargain. 30p is around 40¢ for a 250ml can(8.7oz.), in most places, a can of Monster or Red Bull costs upwards of £1 ($1.38), and a can of Coca-Cola or Pepsi is around 70p($1), so the price of this product is a bargain. All these cans are price marked at manufacture, so the shop owners cannot charge more than the marked price for the product.

The Verdict

It’s worth a try! I’m not an energy drink connoisseur by any stretch of the imagination, but I do like to think of myself as someone who loves value for money and I do like quality products. This product is a delightful mixture of the two. It may not be the best energy drink out there, but it is the cheapest.


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