Private Selection - Irish Cream: Cream Soda

“Howdy” to all the citizens of the Carbo-Nation!  It’s 2018 and we’ve got some new sodas to review.  First things first we’re going to continue visiting some of the Private Selection (read: Kroger) brand sodas I picked up a while back.  They all seem to be non-alcoholic sodas themed to be like alcoholic sodas.  It’s an odd pairing, but they’ve been pretty spot on so far with their flavor creation.

Today’s is Irish Cream: Cream Soda.  There’s not a colon between the two “Creams” but it just looks weird to me to write Irish Cream Cream Soda.  For those of you unfamiliar with my drinking habits, I don’t drink alcohol because I hate the taste of it.  I feel that’s important to tell you prior to drinking a soda with a potential simulated alcoholic taste.  That said, let’s begin.

Tiny Twist claims to be Irish... I have my doubts.

First things third (paragraph).  This smells like Irish Cream.  It’s got the coffee aroma mixed with a bit of vanilla and liqueur.  I’m unsurprised by this due to their previous offerings and how they nailed their own perspective aromas.  Bottoms up.

Thank you, Kroger.  Thank you for making this beverage.  Thank you for making the first taste as sweet as vanilla ice cream followed by a muted coffee sensation.  That, my friends, is a top notch soda.  The faux alcohol taste is minimal and only pops its head out at the very end of each sip, like some annoying neighbor kid on a 50’s sitcom that instantly gets swatted away.

The carbonation levels are low and comprised of tiny bubbles.  This keeps the drink as smooth as silk butter on glass all the way through.  Private Selection - Irish Cream: Cream Soda is cane sugar sweetened which aids in minimizing the sticky feeling some sodas leave in your mouth after consumption.  All in all this is a fantastic soda that I would recommend to most anyone.

Personally though I don’t see this easily pairing with any foods.  This is what you drink after a long day at work and you finally have some time to defrag your brain.  So please, if you see a bottle pick it up, in fact pick up several and horde them for yourself.  This way you can always have a healthy deposit of them within your fridge, ready for any day that may come your way.

Verdict - Buy Stock in the Company


This soda was purchased at Kroger