As we approach July 4th a swell of patriotism may begin to fill the chests of American’s.  MTN Dew has given us the opportunity to pair this patriotism with bubbly sugar water with not one, but three flavors.  MTN DEW.S.A. (GET IT?!) is what I hold in my hand thanks to one J. Dewitsky.  The three Dew flavors that have been combined to create this are Code Red, White Out, and Voltage.  The flavors, as you DEW Heads may have noticed, are red, white, and blue.  They are really hammering this theme here, so we might as well indulge in it ourselves.

...and I'm proud to be an iguana.  Where at least I know I'm green

There is a light berry scent that pops out of the can upon opening.  The color of the soda itself is pink, which became apparent as a little spilled upon my lap.  I guess there is some purple undertones as well due to the “voltage blue” that’s included in this soda.  Looking at the label I see there are only 27 grams of sugar in this can.  While that’s still plenty of sugar, that’s less than half of what’s in a normal MTN Dew.  Interesting.

Voltage is the strongest flavor of the three upon my first sip.  The berry taste is unmistakable.  The citrus of White Out and the red of Code Red are background players in the creation of this beverage.  Of the two not named Voltage, I’d say that White Out is the second most represented taste.  There is a citrus taste present on the backend of each sip I take, though it’s somewhat distorted by the other flavors present.

What disappoints me though, and even I admit I shouldn’t be, is the lack of Code Red familiarity.  Code Red, along with original Pitch Black, are likely my favorite Mountain Dew flavors.  So when I saw that a new flavor of Dew existed that included Code Red, I ignored the fact that it likely wouldn’t taste like Code Red due to the combination.  DEW.S.A starts off with the briefest of Code Red tastes before Voltage swallows it up and morphs into something else.

This soda is fine.  It’s a little nonsensical, but with Dew that’s to be expected.  The carbonation levels are average and don’t really stand out either way.  Can art is brash and colorful, easily spotted on your grocery aisle.  That said, I can’t quit thinking that it tastes a little like a generic energy drink.  Take the flavor of a generic berry energy drink, now remove the medicinal tastes and all the guarana/taurine/maureen.  Once you do that I think you’d end up with something close to DEW.S.A.  

Verdict - Buy a Bottle

This was given to me by J. Dewitsky