Empire Root Beer

Ever consumed liquid tree?  I’ve only had one soda by Empire and it tasted like tree, a spruce tree to be exact.  It wasn’t very good as you might expect liquid tree to be, but I had to respect it.  Why would I pick up another bottle of Empire you might ask?  Well even though I didn’t like their tree soda they did a really good job in making it.  So if they’ll put that much love and care into spruce soda then surely they’ll make a root beer that’s easy to love… right?  

Pictured: Timeless logo with a timeless lizard.

The look of Empire soda is a very strong, industrial looking logo that I would assume has never been changed.  I mean the company phone number is on the front of the bottle for goodness sake.  Reliable.  That’s what this looks like to me.  Their soda art is reliable and they use cane sugar to boot!

Upon opening there’s quite a rooty aroma.  Not too sweet, but certainly sweetened.  There isn’t a strong wintergreen or licorice punch which means it’s likely safe for most buds of taste.

Wow, that truly is a thirst quenching root beer and I haven’t said that in a long time.  Empire Root Beer’s lack of syrupy mouthfeel and low carbonation make for a refreshing treat.  This is the kind of soda I’d drink on a hot summer day.

Flavor wise it’s very consistent as well.  The story the scent told was apparently non-fiction as there is little to no taste of wintergreen or licorice to be found here.  I’m not saying that they didn’t use any, it’s just not so prevalent I feel it’s worth mentioning although I did just mention it… but… didn’t think it needed... moving on.

Empire Root Beer drinks cold.  Where some drinks noticeably warm up the longer you keep them out, Empire Root Beer seems to not be as bothered by its time outside of the fridge.  This is a very interesting soda to me as it has so much going for it in the mouthfeel category I’ve created in my mind.

I personally feel that Empire Root Beer should be on any root beer lovers list.  It’ll be a little different than most of the root beer you’ve tried, but all of the differing characteristics are positive ones.  Pick up a couple and share with your friends… or just hoard it.

Verdict - Buy a Pack


Random Person 5 Word Review:  Cold, Tasty, Sarsparilla, Refreshing, Quenching.    

This was purchased at the Gas Station below.