Dublin Texas Red Creme

I love it when I get the chance to drink a soda made in Texas I haven’t tried before.  Fortunately for me I’m terrible at keeping up with what Dublin Bottling Works has put out so I occasionally get a “new” Texas treat.  Today’s treat is called Dublin Texas Red Creme.  While I do love a good red cream soda they can be hit or miss at times… like most anything.  Here’s hoping that Texas Red Creme is a hit.

Texas Red would be a pretty sweet nickname.

Well, it passes the smell test.  A strong sugary red creme aroma  slips out of the mouth of the bottle.  I’m going to minimize the amount of “smell words’ here because I’m starting to salivate a bit.

Good, but par for the course.  Dublin Texas Red Creme starts off smooth as a red creme should.  It’s fizzy and a little syrupy, but overall the taste is on par with other red cremes out there.  There’s just one thing that’s a little odd.  The creamy mouth-feel of this soda stops short about half way through each sip.  It’s like the flavor brakes were hit early to avoid an oncoming collision… really odd stuff.  

Aside from that unique quality Dublin Texas Red Creme is a nice balance of sweet and bubbly.  The carbonation levels lighten up what could be a syrupy mouthfeel and really do the beverage some service.  This may not make a lot of sense to some, but this tastes more of Big Red than other red creams I’ve had in the past.  I know the mark of a good reviewer is to not need to compare it to other sodas, but I just gotta sometimes.  

Overall it’s quite good, I’d buy multiples if offered.  Now it’s time for me to admit my own oddity.  I  keep saying I don’t like Big Red, but the more red cream sodas I try the more I start to doubt that.  Do I not like the idea of Big Red or should I just go ahead and give it another try to make sure.

Yay Texas soda.

Verdict - Buy a Pack


Random Person 5 Word Review:  Over carbonated Big Red soda.

This was purchased at a Specs Liquor