Diabolo Tangerine Pomegranate

Back again with another Diabolo review.  You all remember Diabolo, right?  It’s the French Soda with cane sugar, erythritol, stevia extract, and vitamins.  If you don’t recall Diabolo check out our review of (Name of other Diabolo review) here!

Orange and Green, lookin' so mean.

Today’s offering is Diabolo Tangerine Pomegranate and let me tell you the smell that comes out of the mouth is too faint to identify.  Worried is how I feel about that revelation.  Both tangerine and pomegranate are powerful fruits and to not get much of a scent from either just isn’t right.

Diabolo Tangerine Pomegranate tastes more of a flavored sparkling water than it does a soda.  Its mouthfeel starts off rather dry as the flavor makes its way across my tastebuds.  I say “a flavor” because I’m not sure I’d be able to identify the tangerine without being told it was in there.  I’d probably suss out the pomegranate flavoring if given enough time, but it’s still altered in a way that makes it a difficult find.

Carbonation wise it’s a light fizz, but the rim of the can reads “Lightly Carbonated” so that should surprise no one.  This limited bubble does well to get the soda down your gullet.  It stays fun throughout, keeping me from completely tiring of the beverage.

Fun fizz aside though I’m not really digging this flavor.  As I said before it’s not quite full enough for me and what is there seems artificial.  The aftertaste generated is more of the same, somewhat palatable but ultimately not as enjoyable as I feel “a taste of summer” should be.

Overall, Diabolo Tangerine Pomegranate isn’t bad… it’s just not agreeable.  The ingredients used are great, the mouth-feel is great, the flavor is just lacking in a variety of ways for me.  I still believe it’s worth giving it a try if you come by one in the wild.

Verdict - Buy a Bottle


Random Person 5 Word Review:  It did not taste right.

This was purchased at a Sprout’s Farmer’s Market