Sprite Tropical Mix

I was asked years ago what “retired” sodas I would bring back if given the opportunity.  My answer was Surge, Crystal Pepsi, and Sprite Tropical Re-mix.  Apparently my answer was then run through a series of computers and control groups which found it to be profitable because all of these sodas from my past exist again.

Look how happy Twist is to see his old buddy!

Surge is in a larger can, Sprite Tropical Re-mix is now called Sprite Tropical Mix, and Crystal Pepsi… well I’ll have to wait until it makes its way to Texas before I find out what’s changed.  Changes aside, I’m happy to see the only good Sprite flavor to exist again.  So happy that I’ve decided to review it.

Since you asked, here’s a little back story on my nostalgia.  On my way home from college I’d often stop at a gas station and pick up a Sprite Re-mix with a side of pork rinds.  I know it’s not the healthiest of snacks, but it became tradition with each trip back to my family.  Other than a neat story I always like to tell folks when nostalgia may come into play in a review.

Upon opening, tropical fruit flavors easily escape their 20oz prison and take refuge in my nostrils.  According to the label those fruit flavors include lemon lime, strawberry, and pineapple.  The strawberry/pineapple combo is what dominates the scent and if memory serves me right the flavor.

Ever been punched by a bubble?  My first sip was just that, tons of wonderful carbonation.  Lots of bubbles all in a frenzy knocking down the door that is my mouth.  As the commotion dies down the flavor becomes more prevalent.  Lemon/Lime leads the charge but pineapple and strawberry tag right along.  None of the flavors are outstanding although they do their best to play together nicely.

What I’m sad so see is that the more I drink this the more muddled the flavor becomes.  The pineapple and strawberry aren’t as easy to pick out, the punchy beginning has weakened.  Each sip pushes the flavor closer to a generic mismash of carbonated sugar.  Carbonated sugar isn’t what my memory recalls, although that was over a decade ago.

It makes me wonder why I liked this so much.  Was it because it was new and my soda palate wasn’t quite as refined?  That’s not saying it’s not a good beverage, but my positive memories seemed to have raised its nostalgia ranking considerably.  Even if I’m not as in love with it as I was before, I’m still happy to see it on a shelf.  The visual cue makes me smile and I’ll take that little bit of positivity any day.

Verdict - Buy a Bottle  


This was purchased at a Shell Gas Station