1893 Ginger Cola

So last week I tried Pepsi’s semi-new beverage, 1893.  It was good, in fact it was very good.  Today I try the Ginger Cola variety of 1893 and something tells me I’ll like it just as much if not more.

Here are a few notes that Pepsi felt needed to be on the side of the can.  1893 is “Boldly blended cola made with: Kola nut extract, Real ginger, Sparkling water, and Real sugar”.  If you read the 1893 review (please do as I’m self absorbed with people liking my work) then you’ll notice that can’s list is quite similar.  Pepsi has a look and style they’re going for here and their consistency is easily spotted.

As far as aroma is concerned this has the same muted cola scent as 1893, but with a touch of ginger on the back end.  My only worry is that the cola will be overshadowed by the newly added ginger spice.  Not unlike when I first saw a picture of the Spice Girls and my eyes found themselves on Geri Halliwell.  Personally, I’m more of a Scary Spice guy now, but back to the review.

Ok, so my fear is somewhat founded.  This is listed as a “Ginger Cola” and the order of these ingredients corresponds directly with how it’s flavored.  Interestingly enough the initial feeling you get is the burn from the ginger.  Up until this point It’s been my experience that this burn usually turns up at the end of a sip as opposed to the start.  For whatever reason 1893 Ginger Cola has this reversed, so it creates a rather unique start to my soda drinking experience.

Behind this ginger burn is the promised cola taste.  It’s readily available, but not as strong as I’d like it to be.  I’d say it’s comparable to when a kid under the age of 5 says they’re going to help you with a task.  Sure they’re helping clean up, but ultimately you’re going to end up doing most of the work yourself.  Personally I think it takes away from what could have been a fantastic drink.

That’s not saying 1893 Ginger Cola is without merits.  This is a mainstream beverage with a kick of ginger.  A lot of people haven’t had a soda like this and it makes me happy that some eyes will be opened because of it.  Hopefully this starts folks on a more enlightened soda path in life.  If that wasn’t a “full of itself” sentence I don’t know what was.

Verdict - Buy a Bottle


This was purchased at a HEB Grocery Store