So to stay current I felt it necessary to review Pepsi Cola’s offering of 1893.  For those not in the know, 1893 is made with kola nut and sweetened with sugar.  This is Pepsi’s take on craft soda and the can is full of words telling you so.  It’s a “Boldly blended cola made with: Kola nut extract, Dark brown malt flavor, a touch of aromatic bitters, sparkling water, real sugar.”

In the stage play Twist will play the role of "Bubbles"

The smell is similar to Pepsi, but a little weaker… it doesn’t punch you in the nose.  

I like this a lot.  I’m greeted with a lot of fizz and flavor at the front door of this house.  The occupants look friendly enough so let’s step inside.  Once inside an exuberant dog the side of a loaf of bread comes running at me.  His name is “Bubbles, which I find quite appropriate considering he lives in a soda can house.  Bubbles is jumping up on me trying to get me to notice him.  I’m new and he wants to make sure I’m greeted properly so he does his absolute best to get the attention he feels he deserves.

Ol’ Mister Kola gently calms Bubbles down before taking him to his kennel.  Bubbles whines, looks out sorrowfully, turns around three times, lays down, and falls asleep.  Now that the dog is out of the way, Mister Kola guides me to the living room for a sit.

When we get there I see that his wife is already comfortably knitting in her chair.  He introduces her as “Spice” then settles into his chair.  Spice is working with an assortment of threads.  Some threads are silky sweet while others are a little rougher.  One very fine thread catches my attention in the light she’s working under.  It’s an almost invisible cinnamon colored thread.  It’s weaved in every so often, but wouldn’t be the first thing you’d see in the finished blanket.

Just as she’s about to talk about her knitting, Mister Kola speaks up and talks over her.  She smiles and shakes her head.  This is something that’s happened many times over the years, but she has grown to accept it as a part of who he is now.  

Mister Kola, not noticing his interruption, continues on about the past and how things were.  It’s an interesting tale as he doesn’t linger too long on any part of it.  I’m engaged in what Mister Kola has to say, still occasionally looking over at Spice and smiling as she continues to knit.

The evening ends without much fanfare as I’m walked to the door.  Given one final handshake I smile at Mister Kola and thank him for the lovely time.  Then I go on my way.

Random Person 5 Word Review - It’s like Pepsi but subtle.

Verdict - Buy a Pallet

This was purchased at a HEB Grocery Store