Another British soda is at my hand today, Tizer.  All I know about Tizer is that it has a “Fruit Stripe Gum” look to its can design, is “The Great British Pop”, and only cost 49p.  It sweetened with sugar aaaaaand that’s about it.  Oh, it also calls itself a “Sparkling Mixed Flavour Soft Drink with Sugar and Sweeteners”.  Just gets your mouth watering, doesn’t it?

Tye-zer, Tizz-er. Tee-zer?

Smell wise it’s fairly citrusy.  I guess if I use my imagination I can sniff out some ginger as well, but ultimately it’s a pretty vague drink.  We all know what’s happening next so let’s just get to it.

This tastes like Sprite and Ginger Ale… mostly Sprite though.  Good night, Everybody!

Ok, I’ll write a few more sentences on this fairly average beverage.  The first taste that hits my tongue is lemon.  It’s just a few sour points down from licking an actual lemon, but ultimately gives the same sort of sensation.  Lemon quickly gives way to generic citrus primarily composed of lemon/lime and simultaneously gets an odd mouthfeel.  

My main beef with Sprite is the “smacky” feeling it gives my mouth.  When I take a sip of Sprite I’m not refreshed.  I just open my mouth over and over again smacking, wondering why I didn’t chose 7Up or another “lymon” beverage.  Tizer has a comparable mouth feel to Sprite, which puts it in the dog house for me a little bit.

The back end of Tizer is where that puff of ginger appears.  It’s the lightest of tastes, but it’s enough to perk it up a little bit at the finish.  Not enough of a perk for me to want to buy another can though.  The problem with Tizer, and I’ve touched on this a little, is that it has a really generic taste, like dollar store brand soda generic.

Perhaps the taste of Tizer isn’t something you’d easily find in the UK, but I seriously doubt that as Sprite is pretty much worldwide.  Everyone who walked by me today, about 4 people, though that Tizer was a fruit flavored (think cherry, strawberry, orange) flavored soda.  I was also under this impression, though now that I really look at the logo I should have been able to guess the flavor correctly.

Yes the can is red, but the design behind the word Tizer is a yellow/green swirl which would be associated with the lemon/lime I tasted.  Perhaps the red can confused me to the point where I was disappointed in the flavor… or it just tastes enough like Sprite that I don’t really care for it.

Verdict - Buy a Bottle


Random Person 5 Word Review:  It tastes like ginger ale.

This was purchased at Rocket Fizz Houston