Rocket Fizz All Natural Chocolate Soda

The soda I’m about to consume is made with real cocoa.  Rocket Fizz All Natural Chocolate Soda is what’s at hand and I kinda want to skip all the fluff and take a swig.  I’ll of course do that, but the parchment like label complete with “wax seal” make me giggle.  That’s how you know it’s fancy, because there’s a picture of a wax seal.  Good stuff.

Hello, My Baby!  Hello, My Honey!  Hello, My Fake Wax Seeeeaaaallll!

It passes the smell test.  Rocket Fizz has done an excellent job in using the cocoa to it’s advantage in creating this aroma.  In short, it smells like Yoo-hoo tastes.

That’s odd.  It starts off with a fairly rich chocolate flavor but quickly dissolves into a diet chocolate flavor before coming back around.  By “diet” flavor I mean it starts to taste a little chemically.  Since this is an all natural soda, I know this flavor is not chemically induced… so I’m gonna have to blame it on the vaguely listed “Natural Flavors”.  Enough of that for now though. 

Carbonation wise it’s downright perfect.  There are enough bubbles in here to keep the chocolate fun and fizzy.  So much so that there’s even a little bit of a burn at times which I did not expect.  While the mouthfeel is definitely a positive, it’s not enough to overcome the middle flavor.  So the consistency, or lack thereof, in the flavor is what’s stopping me from loving this.

So there you have it.  It’s a fancy looking bottle with an ok soda inside.  If you’ve never had a chocolate soda give this a try, but know there are better ones out there like Jeff’s Chocolate Soda for example.

Verdict - Buy a Bottle


This was purchased at Rocket Fizz Houston