Excel Orange Pineapple

I delayed on writing this review for Excel Orange Pineapple because… well because I thought I’d already reviewed it.  After filling myself up with self doubt over several weeks I finally told my pride to take a hike and I checked.  Well clearly I hadn’t reviewed it or I wouldn’t be writing this right now.

Not the most conducive label for reading.

Excel Orange Pineapple is a “Pure Cane Sugar Soda” that’s flavored with an assortment of artificial goodness.  It’s use of Yellow #5 displays that it should be pineapple flavored, though I’m not sure why they didn’t go for an orange color.  Why wouldn’t you want your combo drink to be the combo color of your combo fruits?  Science, I’m sure.

Quite the tart aroma bursting from the mouth of this bottle.  It’s much more orange than pineapple, but you probably wouldn’t disagree with me if I told you I felt orange the stronger scent naturally.  Anywho, it’s very yellow.  I think I was just crop dusted by someone as the area around me is no longer conducive to soda review.  Let me give this a couple minutes.

Correction.  The guy behind me was eating boiled eggs. That’s excusable as he’s a nice fellow and now I can turn the smell off in my mind.

Flavor wise it’s a nice 50/50 split of orange and pineapple as it should be.  Neither flavor gets far enough ahead that it completely dominates the other.  Sure one will stick it’s neck out a little further than the other at times, but ultimately they’re married.

This sweetened blend is accented nicely by an array of tiny, sizzling bubbles.  The drink itself is more syrupy than crisp so these bubbles really do add a needed texture.  The aftertaste is the syrupy flavor I just described since it is unable to be helped by the carbonation.

Overall Excel Orange Pineapple is a solid entry in the fruit soda field.  While not a completely unique combination of flavors, it’s at the very least rare.  If you like either of these flavors I certainly suggest you pick up a few bottles.

Verdict - Buy a Pack


This was given to me by the Excel Bottling Company