Nella Bella Chocolate Almond Fizz

Serene, beautiful, awe inspiring, natural beauty, and the label is nice too.

The artwork on this bottle of Nella Bella Chocolate Almond Fizz is beautiful.  A grove of white trees standing starkly against a blue sky.  The words “Nella Bella” glowing as the sun peers over the first “E”.  Even the flavor intrigues me.  Chocolate Almond Fizz sounds like a delicious candy, yet this soda only has 10 grams of sugar because it’s also sweetened with Stevia.

Something that is a little confusing to me is the fact that this doesn’t say “soda” or “cola” or “pop” anywhere on the bottle.  Instead it says “Sparkling Spring Water Beverage” which makes me tilt my head in a dog like fashion.

The aroma that escapes the bottle is heavenly.  A rich chocolate scent billows out almond trailing behind.  Chocolate is definitely in charge here, which is how I want to see it.  My expectations for this “Sparkling Spring Water Beverage” just went through the roof.

What is this black magic?  This taste is not similar at all to the full chocolatey aroma that exited the mouth of the bottle.  Instead of sweet I taste bitter.  Instead of rich and flavorful it’s watery and metallic.  

I guess the soda my nose remembers was never made.  Instead they made the “Sparkling Spring Water Beverage” they listed on the bottle.  They didn’t lie, I just chose to believe otherwise until the truth was literally in my face.  Well I don’t really like the truth, it’s not sweet enough for me (as is often the case).

The sparkling water I’m left with does have a nice level of carbonation though.  Enough to make the drink feel alive, but not so much it’s overpowering.  Wait… the back of the bottle explains even more. I really should read more.

“The natural flavors are reminiscent of the wholesome nuts grown ‘in the beautiful’ Northern California Orchards”

I guess it does have a little bit of a nutty taste to it, dry like an almond, but as we found out with Tommyknocker Almond Creme that’s not really my thing.  Once again though I find myself running into a soda that I respect, but do not like the taste of.  I don’t like this trend, I want soda and to drink it too...and to enjoy it as well.

Verdict - Buyer Beware


This was purchased at Rocket Fizz Houston