O-Zell Cherry Jubilee

I think I'm gonna nix the picture idea...

I am not feeling this review today… which means I probably shouldn’t do it.  The creative juices aren’t flowing, I don’t really want a soda right now, and even these sentences are just to fill up space.  Yet, there’s some part of me that is hoping that once I open this bottle of O-Zell Cherry Jubilee my mood will improve and I’ll be singing its praises as my creativity is renewed.

O-Zell Cherry Jubilee is all natural and like other O-Zell beverages has a 1930’s looking cartoon on the front of it.  In the case of Cherry Jubilee it’s a cat with cherries attached to his collar, quite swanky.  This cat is urging me to open the bottle and give his wares a chance, so I suppose I must.

Scent wise I’m greeted with a thick cherry aroma that lingers in my nostrils longer than anticipated.  It’s a syrupy smell that both excites me and terrifies me.  Once again though the cat smiles and holds up his very own bottle of Cherry Jubilee, telling me that this soda is “the Cat’s Meow!”

Well, O-Zell Cherry Jubilee did not wash away my apathy for review writing today.  The flavor is inherently cherry and assaults my tongue with a barrage of carbonation.  This cherry flavor, while all natural, once again reminds me of medicine as their last offering did.

I’m honestly confused by this seeing as this is the second O-Zell soda I’ve had that tastes medicinal.  There must be some ingredient that my taste buds aren’t used to in here. Frustratingly my palate may not be worldly enough to compare this to anything else other than cough syrup, which I’m sure is selling it short.

That said, this is still better than their Pineapple Whip as I should be able to finish the bottle.  O-Zell Cherry Jubilee has good carbonation, a strong flavor, and pretty dang good artwork.  It’s a shame that a lot of that gets swept away with its taste.

Even though I still don’t agree with the taste I’d still classify this as a dessert soda.  It’s not overly sweet, but it’s rich enough to be considered a treat.  I gotta stop though, the flavor is building upon itself too much for me to want anymore.

Perhaps I shouldn’t have written that review today.

Verdict - Buy a Bottle


This was purchased at Rocket Fizz Housto