Sipp Summer Pear


I like pears; I like green tea; I like honey.  If all those statements are true, which they are, then I should like Sipp Summer Pear.  Those three ingredients are all accounted for in this bottle to my right.  The other ingredients listed are carbonated water, organic agave nectar, citric acid, and natural flavor.  While I’ve never been good about this vague “Natural Flavor” ingredient, when surrounded by stars like that I care a lot less.

Pear is a rather unique scent when talking about soda, so it’s pleasant I got to experience it.  It smells like I just bit into a pear.  Delicious… for those of us who enjoy the apple’s more pliable cousin.

Goodness that’s delicious.  I can easily differentiate the three listed flavors in my mouth, none overpowering the others.  First a splash of refreshing pear, jazzed up with tiny bubbles of carbonation that make me smile.  A seamless transition to the green tea occurs quickly, but not before they give each other a quick kiss.  

The pear and the green tea love each other, but can’t let their relationship be known.  So the kiss they share is a short one, but filled with such passion that they only way you’d recognize it is if you were a part of it.  Thanks to Sipp Summer Pear, you’re in on that kiss.  What happens after the kiss you ask?  Pear and Green Tea have to go their separate ways, but a result of their love still hangs in the air… honey.

The honey flavor sits on my lips after each taste.  It’s subtle, much more so than the green tea my tongue is still tasting.  Just enough so that every time I unconsciously lick my lips I’m reminded to take another Sipp.  See what I did there?  That’s called wordplay.

Verdict - Buy Stock in the Company


This soda was purchased at a HEB grocery store.