Anchor Ginger Root Beer

As the old saying goes, “Red sky at night, sailors delight.  Red sky at morning, sailors take warning”.  As the even older saying goes, “Red cap on bottle, push it full throttle.  Anchor on label, thar be turned tables”.  So obviously I wanted to introduce Anchor Ginger Root Beer in a fun way and I failed spectacularly.  I’m ok with this because I’m about to review a cane sugar sweetened ginger root beer.  

What I’m not ok with is the fact that a sailboat is on the label instead of a proper pirate ship.  They use the words “Sea Dogs” and “Scallywags” on the label, but a sailboat is the picture they chose?  So odd.  Hopefully they made better decisions when picking out the flavors.

Twist is two thirds pirate and one third sail boat.  You heard me.

The aroma is mostly that of root beer.  It’s a creamier root beer scent to be more precise, with ginger hanging waaaaaay in the background.  I’m thinking it would be best if he could overcome his shyness and move a little closer to center stage.

Well, ginger decided he was best fit being a bush behind a tree.  Granted, the bottle says that it has a “soothing touch of ginger’ which is exactly what I’m tasting.  I’m also finding out that my nose was correct in thinking that this would be a creamier root beer.  Anchor Ginger Root Beer goes down smooth, with just a hiccup of electricity at the finish.  This hiccup is caused by that bush behind the tree and the low but persistent carbonation within the bottle.  

The flavor, while good, will eventually be forgotten as there is nothing in particular that stands out about this soda.  It’s an above average root beer with a great name.  Perhaps if they could coax that bush behind the tree to at least have a musical number they’d have something better.

Verdict - Buy a Pack


This soda was purchased at World Market