Bruce Cost Unfiltered Ginger Ale

Remember Orbitz?  It was a soda that had little tapioca balls floating in it.  I had it once, it was a little unnerving but mostly pretty boring.  This bottle of Bruce Cost Ginger Ale that I have in front of me has so much sediment in it that it reminds me of Orbitz.  Let’s find out exactly how different this is from Orbitz by reading the ingredients.  Carbonated water, pure cane sugar, 100% fresh ginger, and citric acid.  

Twist is also unfiltered.

The funniest ingredient to me is 100% fresh ginger.  This is immediately false either way you take it.  The soda is obviously not 100% ginger, so that’s not what they mean by it.  Do they mean the ginger used is 100% fresh?  This ginger that’s been sitting in this bottle for who knows how long is 100% fresh?  Was it 100% fresh when they put it in the bottle?  They literally scraped the ginger still rooted to the ground into this bottle?  Don’t add numbers like 100% to your label, it can look silly.  Anywho the ingredient list is fantastic and now that I’ve mocked them enough I’m going to taste it.

A deliciously sharp ginger aroma jabs me in the nose.  By scent alone I know that this is a ginger ale to look out for.  Let’s make sure I’m 100% right.

Wow, that is a rather powerful ginger ale.  In fact it’s probably using 100% of its ingredients to create this power.  Seriously though, Bruce Cost Ginger Ale has a very pungent ginger taste backed by a light carbonation.  I immediately want this to have a bit more fizz to it, but I understand that this may be as much as they could get based on the ingredients used.  This lack of fizz causes it to sit in my mouth a bit heavy at times, not really creating the best of mouth feels.

This may also be the first beverage I’ve had where I can actually taste the cane sugar.  When I was a kid Grandaddy Jerk used to bring me sugar cane to chew on.  Bruce Cost Ginger Ale has that sugar cane flavor held within it’s bottle and it’s quite amazing that it was able to take me back.  Few sodas can manipulate time so color me impressed.  That sweet cane paired with the copious amounts make for a uniquely tasty soda.  

Unlike Orbitz, I don’t notice the sediment at all even in such large amounts.  What I do notice is how much burn this ginger gives it.  It’s a heat that I would expect out of a ginger beer, not it’s weaker little brother.  Perhaps that’s what 100% Fresh Ginger that’s still growing within the bottle can do for you.  Ok, I’ll stop.

All in all, Bruce Cost Ginger Ale is a wonderful soda.  The heat may be a bit much for some, but it’s worth the “pain” to enjoy a bottle.  Grab a couple for your fridge and see for yourself.

Verdict - Buy a Pack


This soda was purchased at World Market