Dang! That’s Good Root Beer

I don’t even know what Dang! That’s Good Root Beer (henceforth called DTGRB) even tastes like, but I don’t care.  I want shirt with this logo on it regardless of how the review turns out.  Looking at the ingredients I already see one more reason to like it.  DTGRB is sweetened with sugar; what a novel concept.  It’s a fairly simple bottle, so let’s make this a fairly simple review.

Wow! That's a Handsome Iguana

After removing the snazzy cap I’m greeted with a creamy root beer aroma that has a sharpness to it.  Perhaps some licorice was used in the making of DTGRB.  Either way, the scent says the taste will be more complex than I initially thought.

Here’s a slightly most honest name for root beer at hand.  Hey! That Root Beer is Pretty Good.  Seriously though, it’s a fairly tasty beverage.  The beginning of each sip includes a quick shock of fizz and bite.  This transforms swiftly into a sweet, silky root beer that reminds my tastebuds of melted caramel.

The aftertaste lingers for quite a while as DTGRB seems to sit a bit heavy on the tongue.  It’s a pleasant flavor though so I have no complaints regarding it.  All in all DTGRB is an above average root beer, but nothing more than that.    What makes it stand out is the name.  The flavor, while enjoyable, will get lost in a sea of other root beers that I’ve tried.  That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try it though.  You should buy multiples of this and see for yourself.

Verdict - Buy a Pack


This soda was purchased at World Market