Sea Dog Root Beer

A dog whimpers from downstairs, unhappy that she has been put to bed for the night in her crate.  Another dog asks himself “why must I put up with this whining youngling?”  Yet another dog stares at me from beneath his fisherman’s cap.  His white fur poofing out in all directions much like that of a polar bear.  Two ropes lay behind his head creating a sort of skull and crossbones look, but the red tongue hanging out of his mouth removes any amount of fear I may have had.  The third dog is looking at me from a bottle of root beer, Sea Dog Root Beer to be exact.  If I was curious as to what “style” this root beer was made in that’s answered for me with the words “old style” beneath their canine mascot.  Sea Dog root beer is made with cane sugar, wintergreen oil, anise, vanilla, spices, herbs, etc.  All in all it’s a fairly impressive ingredients list.  The cat now waits with baited breath for me to consume the Sea Dog Root Beer.  Actually, I’m pretty sure she doesn’t care at all what I do just as long as her tailbone gets scritched and her supper dish gets filled.

A medium to mild root beer aroma escapes the mouth of the bottle.  Wintergreen is the first actor on the stage, but I can see the others peering from behind the curtain with vanilla looking particularly eager. 

Sea Dog Root Beer isn’t nearly as creamy as I thought it would be.  It has more bite (dog jokes avoided) than what you might find in your standard root beer.  The wintergreen is noticeable, as is normal when used in root beer, but does not overpower the taste to the point of disappointment.  I’m not finding the overall experience of Sea Dog to be as pleasant as I had hoped.  It’s not revolting by any means, but the way it sits on my tongue is almost crass.  The carbonation experience isn’t worth more than this sentence as it adds little to the root beer. It’s unapologetic in its lack of smoothness.  Much like the whining dog downstairs (who thankfully has fallen asleep) Sea Dog shows you that it knows how to do the tricks, but refuses to bow to your whim.  While I can appreciate a root beer with some spark I keep getting a taste in my mouth that reminds me of diet root beer and I know that’s not the case.  I’m not sure if it’s the anise giving off that dubious flavor, but this taste coupled with the fact that two of my friends just gave up on Doctor Who without even finishing the first episode have soured me from recommending that you buy Sea Dog Root Beer in multiples.  Ok, so the Doctor Who thing is an unrelated rant, but c’mon they’re missing out on so many great adventures.  Sea Dog Root Beer on the other hand has an above average ingredient list, yet only has an average taste.

Verdict – Buy a Bottle


Sea Dog Root Beer580.JPG

Yo ho ho and a bottle of something else.