Moxie Blue Cream

Moxie is the official state soft drink of Maine.  Why Maine is associating itself with a soda that tastes like carbonated tires is beyond me.  Fortunately for those of us who don’t appreciate Moxie for all it is there is another flavor of it available and that’s what I’ll be reviewing today.  Moxie Blue Cream is more than likely a somewhat bubble gum flavored cream soda.  The soda itself is a brilliant blue hue and the trademark man demanding that you “Drink Moxie” is still upon the label.  The ingredients are basically carbonated water, sugar, natural/artificial flavors, and blue.  I think it’s time we found out of those ingredients translate to a tasty soda.

Moxie Blue Cream’s aroma is much smoother than anticipated as it seems they may have gone heavy on the cream.  Hopefully the flavor will compare favorably to the scent, but we all know that my nose often lies to me.  Well maybe not “lies”, perhaps something gets lost in translation (I didn’t really like that movie).

Immediately I know that I prefer Moxie Blue Cream to regular old Moxie.  It’s an unbelievably smooth beverage that’s definitely built to be a cream soda.  The bubble gum flavor I anticipated is there, but on a much smaller scale that I could have predicted.  With my fifth sip in as many sentences I will now proclaim this to be a delicious blue cream soda.  As previously stated, Moxie Blue Cream is smooth… really smooth, close to butterscotch smooth.  I realize this is to be expected in the cream soda genre, but this is an exception.

Carbonation wise the bubbles are mostly staying out of my way.  They’re the background actors in a really good movie.  The scene would look odd without them, but you’re still not going to pay very close attention to what they’re doing.  The mouth feel I’m left with could be considered heavy by some, but on a scale of one to ten I’d place it at about a six.  Fortunately the aftertaste is pleasant as I’m noticing that it lingers for quite a while after each sip.  Other than being the best blue cream soda I’ve had and a really good cream soda in general there is nothing spectacular about Moxie Blue Cream that makes me want to have enough to last through the apocalypse.  You realize that’s why we made this site right?  The whole premise is so that you’ll have a quality selection of sodas in your bomb dungeon that you’re neighbors will be jealous of.  They’ll try to invade your house from miles around challenging the new genetic ant overlords that now walk freely along the surface.  Some rogue group out there will be hunting for Moxie Blue Cream by the pallet and you’ll be safe.  Why?  Because you read and they told you it was only worth buying a pack.  Oh, by the way…

Verdict – Buy a Pack


Moxie Blue Cream580.JPG

Twist is the one that made the label man "Drink Moxie"