Dad's Cream Soda

With a quick look at the website I see that we reviewed Dad’s Root Beer nearly three years ago from today.  While it didn’t really thrill us that doesn’t mean that their cream soda entry will follow the same fate.  By the way, we’re reviewing Dad’s Cream Soda today.  Dad’s Cream Soda has all the markings of your run of the mill cream soda.  The golden liquid sits within a clear bottle adorned with a “retro” label.  The ingredients are comprised of HFCS, Natural and Artificial flavors, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera.  So with all that said I’m still hoping for a better than average taste.  Even though the “retro” look is something many cream sodas have it always makes me excited to try it.  Maybe this soda really will taste like it did so many years ago… not that I have any idea what Dad’s Cream Soda used to taste like. 

Dad’s Cream Soda also smells like most any cream soda.  Its rich vanilla tones are unmistakable and create a creamy vision within your imagination of what this might taste like.

Yup, that’s cream soda alright.  Dad’s cream soda delivers on the rich vanilla contract its aroma made with my nose.  The carbonation is light and unobtrusive, allowing for the flavor to be appreciated fully.  Unfortunately, while Dad’s Cream Soda starts off strong the memory your mouth is left with is that of a slightly watery beverage.  Halfway between the initial sip and consumption the flavor dissipates into about half of what you started out with.  It’s not so watery that it becomes terrible, but it’s hard for a soda to be viewed as anything but average when it can’t even keep its flavor throughout.  As you would expect this is a rather sweet beverage, though I would almost consider it to be a failing if a cream soda wasn’t sweet.  Surely there is an exception to this rule, but I’ve yet to find it.  Overall Dad’s Cream Soda is a very average cream soda.  If you like drinking out of glass bottles then pick some up, but if you’re looking for something better than A&W you haven’t found it here.

Verdict – Buy a Bottle


Dad's Cream Soda580.JPG

Dad's?  More like Sad's... eh.