BJ's Brewery Black Cherry Soda (Fan Review!)

   The happy hour food specials at BJ's brewery are great, and what better to go with good food than a micro brewed soda? So, to accompany dinner I order BJ's Black Cherry Soda. This soda, like all the other micro brewed beverages at BJ's, is served cold from a tap at the bar in a tall frosty mug procured from a small refrigerator hidden away in a place reserved for the bar staff.

   To be honest I have never drank black cherry soda before.  I don't know what to expect, but if this is anything like BJ's Handcrafted Root Beer, I know I will be in for a treat.  So I take a tremendous sip and wait for the magic to unfurl inside my mouth.  What follows can only be described as an explosion of epic black cherry flavor that if not managed properly, could become addicting.  A unique flavor unfolds with each sip, a flavor that can be best described as delightful.

   To ensure that my expectations aren't leading to a biased evaluation, I decide to finish the mug poured for me and then see what I think. 

   Three mugs of this gem-of-the-soda-world have been consumed, and the last sip tastes just as good as the first. BJ's Black cherry Soda is great!  I consider it good enough to be sold in stores. 

Final Review:  Buy a pallet!  Yep folks, next time you’re at the BJ's get some Black Cherry Soda, it's delicious and worth the price of admission.    


BJ's Brewery Black Cherry Soda580.jpg