BJ's Brewery Root Beer (Fan Review!)

   BJ's Brewery and Restaurant is known for its food and its famous micro brewed beer.  What it might not be as known for is its Handcrafted Root Beer.  So I decide to try some during a night out with some friends.  A few things made this beverage stand out before I even took a sip.  One, it was on tap at the bar.  Two, the bartender quickly provided a frosty mug directly from a small refrigerator behind the bar just for my drink.  Third, it was reasonably priced, and I had unlimited refills. Finally, the drink was served cold right out of the tap, so no ice was needed.  All of these factors added up to a great first impression.

   After the bartender poured me a fresh mug, I took a man sized sip.  It tasted delicious!  Root Beer can sometimes be overly sweet, but this one certainly wasn't.  A noticeable sugar taste was present, but that is to be expected with any soft drink in my opinion.  There was no strong after-taste and the complexity of the beverage itself had me excited to take another sip.   The root-beer taste is subtle, yet undeniable.   

   Before I knew it, I had reached the bottom of my glass, so I decided to refill my still cold mug with another round.  The taste remained just as constant as before, and went down just as smooth.  Impressed by the yummy goodness that is BJ'S Handcrafted Root beer, I finished off what was left in my mug and took some home in a to-go cup provided by the ubiquitous bar staff.

Final Review:   Buy a pallet!  Yep folks this root-beer flavored yum sauce is good enough to drink anytime you’re at BJ's.


BJ's Brewery Root Beer580.jpg

Most any soda on tap is "yum-sauce"