Saint Arnold Root Beer

   Funny story… we’ve reviewed Saint Arnold’s Root Beer before, but we lost the review.  So here it is again… kinda.  Many people in Houston feel that Saint Arnold’s Root could be the best root beer out there.  I think this has to do with the Saint Arnold’s Brewery being located in Houston (Saint Arnold is the patron saint of hop-pickers and Belgian brewers), but you can’t blame citizens being proud of something from their hometown.  I was born and raised here in Houston, so let’s find out if by the end of this review Saint Arnold doesn’t get a title upgrade.  Wait… what’s higher than a Saint?  Never mind…  it’s time to open.  Wait, I can't continue without mentioning this.  The bottle cap says "Saint Arnold - Yummy Root Beer" Really?!  Ok, REVIEW ON!

   The smell is quite nice, vanilla is definitely noticed which is pleasant.  If I had to compare it to a brand that most everyone has tried then I’d say it’s very similar to IBC in odor.  Let’s check out the taste.

   That whole “smell is 80% of taste” thing just might have some validity behind it, as this tastes similar to IBC Root Beer as well.  The vanilla I tasted is also featured, but quickly ducks behind the curtains only to shove carbonation onto the stage.  That was just a fancy way of saying that I tasted the vanilla, but then the burn from the bubbles took over my mouth.  So far so good right?  Not so fast there Sport.  The finish of this root beer is quite watery.  Not obscenely watery mind you, but something that’s going to take its rating down a notch.  “But I like watery root beer” you say, well what if that watery finish was followed by a dirty aftertaste?  “But…but…but…” you’d stammer, and then I’d tell you to visit our site and try again.  Saint Arnold’s got halfway to a good root beer and then stopped.  The first half of your taste experience is great, and sets your mind to positive thoughts.  Sadly the second half just doesn’t deliver.  Let’s try this Generation Y example… the first half of the beverage is TMNT 2: Secret of the Ooze… the second half is TMNT 3: Turtles in Time.  If you thought that TMNT 3 was awesome, then I have no more words for you… well except these.

Verdict – Buy a Bottle 



Faux Fact:  Twist is the patron saint of bottle caps.