Mary Jane's Relaxing Soda


We mentioned this one enough that we figured we'd finally try it.  The gimmick, as you may guess by the name, is the soda is supposed to be calming, thanks to kava, rather than stimulating with caffeine as most sodas are.

Along with the kava is passionflower extract, which we both think we can taste even though we're not exactly sure what it tastes like.  The non-relaxing ingredients are fairly positive and include cane sugar, caramel color, phosphoric acid, citric acid and "natural flavor."  So no HFCS and no sodium benzoate.  

The taste is easy to describe, it's very much like an RC Cola.  I felt it was lightly carbonated too, so very easy to drink.  Extremely tasty.  Don't go pounding these down, though, as there is a warning on the bottle to not have more than two per day.  But really, if you're drinking more than two sodas per day, you need to lay off.

We both felt we did get a little relaxed, but were both pretty tired, so we're not quite sure if it made us more tired or not.  

Either way we were relaxed and we were very happy with the taste and the ingredients and would easily drink more of this...just not more than two a day.

Verdict:  Buy a Pallet!