Sanagaria Ramune Strawberry


Here's another one of those awkward Japanese sodas with the awkward marble floating in the middle and the awkward cap that forces you to pour it into a glass otherwise the awkward marble gets stuck there awkwardly.

This one is flavored, as opposed to the last one we tried, and this is a very good strawberry flavor.  It's a lighter strawberry flavor, and the color of it represents that, pink rather than the usual red.  

It's also much sweeter than a normal strawberry soda, which I'm a fan of, as I like sweet.  Things can't ever be too sweet.  The odd thing is not only do they use sugar, they also use HFCS.  An odd half and half combination.  Whatever percentage it is for each, it leads to a candied strawberry flavor rather than the fruit.

The carbonation in it is light, which I also enjoy.  Overall it's very refreshing, especially since it's a strawberry soda.  My biggest complaint is that the bottle is so small, but then again that's probably why Japan is a fit country.

Verdict:  Buy a Pallet!