Hype Energy Drink (Fan Review!)

Hello Everyone! My name is Avery, and I will be writing a guest review for The Soda Jerks. I feel very venerated to be able to compose a review for such a lovely website. But before I get a little too supercilious, let’s check out the drink I will be reviewing.

Straight from the depths of the Netherlands comes the energy drink known as Hype. When I started reviewing energy drinks back in the ancient times of 2009 Hype Energy Drinks was a brand that I absolutely had to review. This was mostly due to some popular reviewer giving it an extremely high rating for taste. Email after email, I desperately tried to secure some samples of this drink, but I did not succeed. Miraculously, just last week I received an email from Hype asking if they could send samples. Rather than angrily typing out that I sent them several previous emails, I graciously accepted the package.

When it arrived, I was simply awestruck by the impeccable, sophisticated, and downright gorgeous product display. Instead of simply wrapping their cans in bubble wrap, the folks at Hype Energy put their cans in a sleek, black box. Each can being in their own little compartment. Fantastic! I proceeded to remove Hype Original from its compartment and examine the can. It certainly is not the greatest looking can I’ve ever laid eyes on, but with its vivid and attention-getting blue can with eye-catching silver letters, it should have no trouble popping off the shelf.

 Needless to say, I couldn’t wait any longer and simply had to take a few sips. I must admit, I was expecting a Red Bull clone, but fortunately Hype is so much more than that. Yes, it does have that same tartness that Red Bull has, but the flavor is actually an indescribable mixture of berries. Some individuals may not enjoy this, but I thought it was very unique. It isn’t the world’s greatest tasting energy drink, but it still manages to bring something new to the table. And after all, isn’t that what you really want in a world full of Red Bull clones? I say, if you see this in your local grocery store, do not be afraid to give it a try. You might like it.

Verdict: Buy a Bottle.

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hype energy drink.JPG

Did scrolling down the length of this beverage make you feel naughty?