Coca-Cola California Raspberry

Georgia peach, Florida oranges, Maine lobster, California...raspberry? I’m self admittedly not the most knowledgeable on California produce, but I’ve never not once associated raspberries with them. Upon typing “California Raspberry” into Google I end up with results featuring the Coke I’m about to drink and a nail polish color.

Did you catch it? In my rant about California raspberries I actually mentioned that I’m about to drink Coca-Cola California Raspberry for review purposes. It wasn’t the smoothest transition, but it’ll do. The last fruit flavored Coca-Cola product I had was Coca-Cola Peach from Japan and that went alright. I’m mostly curious as to how the raspberry will mix with Coke. Will they mute the bite of the Coke to make it play with others, or will they just (Coke + Raspberry) = Soda?

Twist is so fuzzy!

Twist is so fuzzy!

The scent makes me believe that raspberry is going to be quite prevalent in the flavor of this soda. While the Coke aroma is present it is definitely not in the driver’s seat.

This is a curious mix, but with every sip I take I appreciate it a little more. No lie, the first sip reminded me a little bit of a household cleaner. This is where your amateur soda reviewers would give up, probably cry, and question their lives. Not me. I took a second sip and the flavor began to morph.

This second flavor incarnation (think of it as Imperfect Cell from Dragon Ball Z) brought both flavors to the forefront for a moment. First the Coke. Nothing to see here really, just that reliable Coke taste. Raspberry then shows up and is a little too excited to be there. You and your friends are just hanging out, playing some video games when Greg busts through the door and starts saying stuff like “Ya’ll are wasting your day! Let’s go running or workout! Let’s GO! GO! GO!” Greg has good intentions, but you just want to play video games and drink your Coke. Greg is Raspberry, Raspberry is Greg.

Upon the third sip Greg chills out. He starts getting interested in the game you’re playing (It’s Overwatch and you’re a D.Va main, but that’s beside the point) and eventually sits down. By the fourth sip Greg is laughing each time the phrase “Nerf This!” is said. He’s forgotten his aspirations of running. He’s joined the group as if he was always part of it, much like the Raspberry.

Now that the group has one goal in mind the vibe is good again, the drink is good again, in fact I’d say it’s delightful. Coca-Cola California Raspberry has a smooth mouthfeel and a nice, slightly tart, aftertaste. It’s impressive all around and I can easily recommend you try it.

Verdict - Buy a Pack


This was purchased at my local Kroger