Fanta Green Apple

I’m always looking for sodas to review, and as the years go by it becomes harder and harder to do.  When I started I had to search out Virgil’s, Izze, Jones, and the like. Now those sodas are common staples at the end of almost every grocer’s soda aisle.  It’s getting harder to find new things I haven’t tried, but I sometimes find things where I least expect. Today’s entry I found in a car dealership vending machine.  Vending machines are great because they often have at least one odd selection, and you don’t have to commit to buying a pack of soda.

Today’s soda, as you may have seen, is Fanta Green Apple.  I was surprised that Fanta did not have a green apple soda until now.  This is good news for me as green apple is one of my favorite flavors of soda out there; so much so that I served it at my wedding.  The color is vibrant and the bottle art looks nice so we’re already off to a good start. Hopefully the flavor falls in step.

You can tell from the table that I'm at church.

You can tell from the table that I'm at church.

Scent-wise it not a natural green apple aroma.  This is not a surprise to me as fruit flavored sodas so rarely match their healthy counterparts in terms of taste.  Fanta Green Apple has a bit of a sour punch in it’s scent that I hope translates honestly within the first sip.

Interestingly enough the smell produced by this soda is stronger than the taste.  The taste is distinctively green apple, and quite refreshing to boot, but has lost the “punch” I was so excited to try.  Carbonation is minimal creating a mellow mouth feel which just turns my anticipations on their head.

The 20oz bottle in front of my has 63 grams of sugar within it.  I didn’t noticed how sweet this was until after a few sips. It wasn’t when the soda was being ingested that I realized this, but how my mouth felt afterwards.  It’s kind of a sticky sweet aftertaste that lingers for quite a bit after each sip. It has me reaching for the bottle again to wash it away only to be tricked into the same circular sadness.

All in all though this is an inoffensive green apple soda.  It has a decent flavor, it’s refreshing, pretty to look at, and being a Fanta probably easy to find.  There’s nothing that stands out and makes it amazing, but there’s nothing terribly bad about it. So if you’ve never had a green apple soda, Fanta Green Apple is a good place to start.

Verdict - Buy a Bottle


This was purchased from a vending machine at a car dealership